Wed, Dec 3rd Cask Tapping

Wednesdays the day. Like to tap our casks at The Paddock. For this week we have Grand River Brewery's Jubilation Winter Warmer. 
Beer info by brewery below:

The Jubilation Winter Warmer is a beer that we brew every year to celebrate the holidays and to welcome the winter season. This strong ale changes every year sometimes spiced with candied orange peel, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom and hot peppers or kept just as a nice crisp doppelbock.

This Jubilation Winter Warmer is 7.0% ABV, variable IBU and ranges from light red to strong mahogany.

This ale is sure to bring out the festive spirit in all and will help you get through the cold winter nights. Like a good brandy this beer evolves as it warms up making it a great with food or to share around a fire.

Appearance: dark golden reds with hints of ruby, consistent head that laces the glass

Aroma: Biscuit, toasty and dark malts dominate the nose complimenting spices

Flavour: While cold sweet malts dominate with a fresh toasty bready finish. As it warms dried fruit, caramel and brown sugar notes develop as spices move to the foreground complimenting the smooth body of the dark malts.