The Paddock Launches Big Rock Brewery's Newest Draft

The Paddock has been selected to be one of two bars in Ontario with two months exclusive rights to launch Big Rock's Newest Draft; Saaz Republic Pilz!

Available at The Paddock Tavern as of Thu, Aug 15th. 



Style: Pilsner    ABV: 4.9%     Colour: Bright Gold

Key Ingrededients: Czech SAAZ Hops and Two Row Pale Malt

Character: Soft Malty flavour balanced with a mild bitterness and a fragrant hop nose



Brewmaster Paul Gautreau has created a Pilner that pays homage to original European style Pilsners while continuing Big Rock's tenacious pursuit of local innovation.

SAAZ Republic Pilz is inspired by the creation of the first Pilsner beer created in Plzen, Bohemia in 1840. In an age when most beers marketed as Pilsners have little in common with the original, SAAZ Republic Pilz, with its distinct blend of authentic Czech SAAZ hops and locally grown ingredients is a traditional Pilsner that stays true to its European origins - and is crafted with pride, right here in Canada.



Brewmaster Paul crafted a light and crisp brew, with authentic Czech SAAZ hops imparting an earthy yet floral character balanced by a soft malty flavour.

A distinct but mild bitterness on the front end followed by a slight ho middle and a clean refreshing finish. Poured in a glass, SAAZ Republic Pilz is a thing of beauty, sporting a dense, white head atop a golden yellow body.